Tired Of Counterfeiters Stealing Your Profits & Destroying Your Brand’s Image?

Stop Them Before They Stop You

Generate Secured And Traceable Identity  for Every Unit Of Your Products. Start Attaching Password Protected Serialized Labels To Your Products With A Click. And Keep Counterfeits Away

A Self Served Platform For  Businesses To Protect Their Products From FAKES

Counterfeits amount to 3.3% of the world global trade as of 2020. Do not be among the brands that keep losing profits online and offline to unscrupulous counterfeiters. Either you are a big manufacturer, an artisan, designer or any original creator of your products. Fakesburster allows you take charge of your entire supply chain through automated visibility and increase your profitability

How Consumers Are Using Fakesburster To Verify Their Purchase

Fakesburster uses advanced serialization technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to secure every unit of your product. By providing a digital code that can be easily attached to your products. These codes are highly secured and impossible to breach. Each product units can easily be verified by your customers on Fakesburster or directly on your website or point of sale system through the Fakesburster authentication Widget. 

  • Unique digital  Identity For Each Unit Of Your Products Securely Stored In The Cloud 
  • Bulk Generate Scannable Serialized QR Codes
  • In Built Serial Label Designer
  • Digitized Live Product Verifications On Fakesburster 
  • Easy integration into your existing systems such as ERP, POS, CRM And Others.
  • Get Live Counterfeit Reports From Your Dashboard And Take Down Counterfeits 
  • Get Reports From Over 500 Marketplaces and Sales Channels 
  • Add Product Verification To Your Website 
  • Compatible With Any Packaging Design 
  • Fight Counterfeit Easily With Fakesburster Transparency Across Your Entire Supply Chain
  • Protect Your Brand And Increase Customers Loyalty
  • Easy Inventory Automation
  • Easy Serialized QR Application To Each Unit Of Your Product 
  • Fast Scanning At The Point Of Fulfillment 
  • Implement Self Checkout In A Click
  • Massively Reduce Inventory Shrinkage
  • Add Fakesburster Product Authentication To Your Website
  • Manage Unlimited Warranties
  • Eliminate Customers Dissatisfaction and increase loyalty
  • Invite Your Supplier To Fakesburster At No Additional Cost
For Consumers 
  • Verify any product purchased with a click
  • Protect Your purchase And Never Lose Money To Fakes Again
  • Report Fakes Immediately 
  • Invite Your Favourite Brand

Fakesburster Integrates With  Your Favorite Platforms

Integrating a brand protection and anti counterfeiting system does not have to be complex, Fakesburster is compatible with various platforms such as: